As a Consumer, what is the only thing you will always receive, from any Utility Company?

A good old fashioned utility bill.

Your utility bill is a one-way channel of communication from your utility company. Regulatory Compliance is required by the law, and allows the consumer to control, reduce, and maintain the cost of utility services provided. When your Smart Meter is programmed correctly, it can and will give you actual avoided cost on every utility bill!

All Smart Meter Program consumers are allowed FREE access to:
  • Authorize access and securely share your utility bill and usage data to display all of your Regulatory Compliant utility data for FREE
  • Create your FREE program, then login to your Consumer Smart Meter Circuit Board and see your ACTUAL avoided cost
  • No Results, No Fee, it is absolutely FREE
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Includes 7 months of account data

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11/24/2021 to 12/29/2021

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Regulatory Compliance


In order to confirm the veracity of avoided cost behind the meter, we independently rely upon the compliance measures of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. This specifically includes public utility matters consisting of case files, rates and tariffs, hearing schedules, dockets filed, and annual reports. Orders of the NARUC regarding Public Utility Rulemaking and special proceedings are the foundation of ALL regulatory compliance verification.

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