Access to revenue quality utility data provides

Rate and Regulatory Transparency

Accurate Revenue Accounting Validated by clear consumer billing!

The main purpose of a Smart Meter Program is to identify accepted practices for revenue quality metering systems that will result in optimum accuracy and in cases where required, to provide the minimum functional requirements to deliver revenue grade load profile data to end users. Data supplied to an end user for revenue purposes should at minimum be based on measurements made with "instruments" that are in compliance with the requirements applicable under ANSI C12 Series (Code for Electricity Metering). ALL revenue quality (register and profile) data should only be retrieved and validated by an industry approved translation billing system.

Smart Grid Technology
delivers smart savings.

Smart Grid refers to technologies and communications systems necessary to record customer consumption at least hourly, and allow for daily or more frequent retrieval of the consumption data. The Smart Grid's most basic functions involve reading and recording customer electric (gas and/or water) usage at programmed hourly intervals. The Smart Meter Program allows customers to view their usage, the current price for that usage, and to modify their usage in response to the price.

  • Green Button

  • Real - Time Usage

  • Meter Data Storage

  • Utility Rate Codes

  • Historical Billing

  • Load Profile

So, what does the . . .
Smart Meter Program do?

It allows our members the choice of billing data presentation, additional rate options such as time of use pricing or critical peak pricing, verification of an outage or restoration of service following an outage, more information to understand member complaints with utility bill overcharges, reduced bill estimates when a meter read is not available, opening or closing of an account due to customer relocation without requiring a site visit to the meter(s), and/or simply more accurate bills!

The ability to customize your Smart Meter Program by collecting electric, gas, or water meter readings, transmitting the interval data over the smart grid network to the utility company providing the service, and the intellectual presentation to our members of the consumption data versus tariffed rates.

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